6 thoughts on “Koivut / Birches

  1. For some reason, we call them ’silver birches’ .. Oh; maybe it’s because there are other kinds as well ? Do you northerners have any other kinds ?
    I have move and am exhausted. I doubt I have any energy left to move again ..

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    1. Oh, you have moved again! It’s very exhausting, in moving I have lost so many things, because the old home was big and the new one is small. I’m afraid of next move…
      You are right, we have three species of birch, birch Betula pubescens=hieskoivu, silver birch (many subspecies) Betula pendula=rauduskoivu and the third Betula nana=vaivaiskoivu, which is a small shrub. These are probably silver birches.

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      1. Yep, AGAIN. But I do not believe I’ll have the energy for another move. Age creeps up. Sighh .. [grin]
        A small shrub ! = fascinating, Pirkko ! – thanks !!

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