7 thoughts on “An Adventitious Sunflower / Satunnainen auringonkukka

  1. Oh Pike ! – you clever thing ! 🙂 But was it REALLY a random one ? Surely you spotted it amongst the others and thought ”Yes, that one !”
    Then you setup your camera on a tripod, and waited throughout the day to get these WONDERFUL frames !
    Well, anyhow; that’s how it seems.
    But I am prepared to believe you that it was a random flower if you insist.

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    1. I’m not sure of the word ”random” and ”adventitious”. This only one sunflower was a surprise. It started to grow next to our porch ”by itself”. It was interesting to follow its course in August and September. The name sunflower is so representational. And I have learned to love yellow only this summer.

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