Cherry on Top – The Cat / WPC


The cat that normally escapes, now approaches by my sunset walk.


Photogenic spots in everyday surroundings.


Strawberries in early spring.

12 thoughts on “Cherry on Top – The Cat / WPC

      1. Wildlife has less room as humans take over. We need to do all we can to help. Keeping housecats inside is necessary. They are predators and love to kill. I hope you will spread the word.

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  1. This beautiful cat is not my cat. You haven’t been on lines, you didn’t know that our Ringa cat got weak and died in June and our dog Pinja had been ill from last autumn and died in June, too. Too much sorrow in this summer! And from the beginning of this year we are trying to sell our house (but it is not easy in this village). We have no animals now. We can no longer help manage large gardens.



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