…and Sadness / …ja surullisuus

Yesterday at noon, our 17-year-old cat passed away at home. She had become feeble in one, two weeks (I cried all day).



34 thoughts on “…and Sadness / …ja surullisuus

  1. Your kitty was obviously very lucky that you loved and cared so much as demonstrated by your grief. Eric and I and Dos Gatos send you our heartfelt sympathies for your loss.

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      1. I’m well, it is good that you can cry. But we also have a sick dog that leaves maybe one day soon, and the home for sale … a lot of grieve. But life is giving up, when getting older.


      2. All things must end. It’s the natural law of the universe but hard to endure personally! Grief has its own path for everyone and will be doubly hard for you saying farewell to another beloved member of your family. I really feel for you Pike! Take care and remember that without endings there can be no beginnings.

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  2. Oh! pike I m so terribly sorry….you know I am, I have cats too,I just can’t imagine the pain of loss….she was pretty and kind and you have 17 years of loving memories to calm your heart’s pain…

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    1. Thank you, Rodo, I know you have lovely cats. I think this was our last one. It’s so painful to lose her. You are right, memories still remain.



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