22 thoughts on “Maybe Happier / Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

  1. Pike, would you mind joining my”Seven days Nature Challenge”?
    I wonder if you have time to post 7 nature-photos everyday , consequently , and each time nominate a blogger to participate in the challenge , with the same rules…..
    (Your photos on the theme are always so beautiful!)
    I’m Anna of http://unavistadisanfermo.wordpress.com and tomorrow I’ll post my 6th contribution.


      1. How stupid of me!
        I’m also following the challenge for the secod time , and I forgot your Swans..
        dear Pike,sorry so much,


      2. Never mind! Don’t be sorry, Anna. I was a very bad player, because I didn’t ask many other players… it so difficult 😀


      1. Of course I had to look it up and according to wikipedia, no we don’t. They appear to be a species throughout Europe, Asia, and into Africa and Australia …. but not the Americas.
        They are very nice looking though 🙂

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