Maybe Happier / Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Happy


22 thoughts on “Maybe Happier / Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

  1. Pike, would you mind joining my”Seven days Nature Challenge”?
    I wonder if you have time to post 7 nature-photos everyday , consequently , and each time nominate a blogger to participate in the challenge , with the same rules…..
    (Your photos on the theme are always so beautiful!)
    I’m Anna of and tomorrow I’ll post my 6th contribution.


      1. How stupid of me!
        I’m also following the challenge for the secod time , and I forgot your Swans..
        dear Pike,sorry so much,


      2. Never mind! Don’t be sorry, Anna. I was a very bad player, because I didn’t ask many other players… it so difficult 😀


      1. Of course I had to look it up and according to wikipedia, no we don’t. They appear to be a species throughout Europe, Asia, and into Africa and Australia …. but not the Americas.
        They are very nice looking though 🙂

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