7 Days Nature Photo Challenge / Day Seven

Leya at To See a Word in a Grain of Sand kindly asked me to participate in the 7-days nature photo challenge. Today is my Day 7. I wanted to use new photos every day. The climate today looked not good, it was rainy and dark. In the evening I got some nice photos, however.

Every day I should have invited one blogging friend to participate in 7-days nature photo challenge. That hadn’t happened because of me. I want to challenge you, my follower, anyone, to take part in the 7-days nature photo challenge. It makes good to people to look nature every day.

12 thoughts on “7 Days Nature Photo Challenge / Day Seven

  1. I’ve enjoyed your posts so much, Pike. Wonderful look at nature near you each day. Thank you for sharing so much beauty, it is inspiring!


  2. Thank you for your lovely participating, Pike! Wonderful as always – and we share the same thoughts about Nature.



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