7 Days Nature Photo Challenge / Day Three

Leya at To See a Word in a Grain of Sand kindly asked me to participate in the 7-days nature photo challenge. Today is my Day 3 and I have nine photos.

Every day I should invite some blogging friend to participate in 7-days nature photo challenge. Joanne at My Life Lived Full, do you have time, do you want to participate? If you don’t, feel free to say no! 🙂

Yesterday I invited Carrie, who’s nature photos are beautiful and special and really worth seeing at The Shady Tree.


13 thoughts on “7 Days Nature Photo Challenge / Day Three

  1. Thank you for the invite and kind words about my images. It means a lot, Pike. Looking forward to sharing 7 days of nature. Something I enjoy everyday as it is 🙂 I am really enjoying your series of posts, the collections each day are inspiring! It looks like you do a lot of your shooting in the morning? Is that your favorite time of day?


    1. I’m glad to hear your nature photos are coming 🙂 Thank you very much, Carrie! I love mornings, but nowadays it’s not so easy to wake up early. (I have worked at home many years). But when it happens and it’s possible to go out to hear birds singing and all, I’m happy. What is your favourite time of day?

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      1. Yes, not sure quite yet where I am going to fit them in 🙂 Possibly going to start tomorrow. May not be until Thursday. I love getting up with the world too but find it so hard to ”get up”. When I do I wonder why I don’t do it more. It is invigorating! I love the time of day just before the sunsets, the rich light, the weight of the Earth almost heavier than at other points of the day, the soft light on faces, it is all so calming and wonderful.

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